Our Expertise

We strive to eliminate all sources of variation within the injection molding by operating documented, repeatable, statistically capable and controlled processes. All molding is done in automatic system with pick and place robotic arm and close loop material handling system.

Plastic Injection Molding

Our mold will be fully qualified in our dedicated mold testing centers and our parts are validated in our metrology laboratory.


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PCB Assembly

An advanced circuit board won't be able to give its functionality until components are mounted on it. A PCB with components mounted on is called an assembled PCB

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Quality Control

We understand there are a wide range of industry standards, which is why we design to meet or exceed any additional standards as requested by our customers.

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Vertical Molding

A vertical injection moulding machine is a horizontal injection moulding machine that has been turned on its end.

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SMT Line

Surface Mount Technology is an area of electronic assembly used to mount electronic components to the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB).

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Wire Harness

Wire harnesses are bundled processed wires with a protective covering to guard against wear and tear due to environmental conditions

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