Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology is an area of electronic assembly used to mount electronic components to the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB) as oppose to inserting components through holes as with conventional assembly. SMT was developed to reduce manufacturing costs and also to make more efficient use of PCB space. As a result of the introduction of surface mount technology it is now possible to build highly complex electronic circuits into smaller and smaller assemblies with good repeatability due to the higher level of automation.

We provide the best quality PCB Assembly for customers around the world.

2 High Speed and fine pitch Mounting lines (40k cph, 25 mil/mth/line)

Nitrogen based (N2) Reflow Oven

Xray based BGA rework equipment

Experienced Staffs with more than 10 years

Full Turn-key Capability


PCB Assembly Lines

Loader Machine

PCB blank loader from Magazine

PSP Machine (x2)

Panasonic-Screen Printer SP22P-M

Chip Mounting Machine (x2)

Panasonic-202 & 402

IC Mounting Machine (x2)


Reflow / Oven Machine (x2)


AOI Machine (x2)


Unloader Machine

Unloader Process

VIM / AOI Process

Verification and Visual

GIH PCB Assembly

Sample of PCBA