Tooling Fabrication

Rely on GIH to manufacture your injection molding, tooling design, and fabrication project on-time and to specification. Our advanced on-site tool fabrication facility allows us to design for manufacturability (DFM) through a wide range of solutions. We manufacture to your standards for tool design and maintenance and keep a reliable open communication link during tool manufacturing. Our engineering strengths stand out when we design and fabricate a precise tool so your valuable part can be replicated on your timeline.

Trim Tooling

We have brought new Trim Presses to the market, that are designed with the life, accuracy and cost of ownership of the tool in mind. We also continuosly utilize new machining practices and technology to improve the tooling used in the legacy press systems, replacing the same old techniques of the past die makers and the outdated press systems. Starting with properly hardened and ground punches and dies, our match metal trim tools maintain close punch to die tolerances to achieve clean, trimmed edges for perimeter, hole and slot punching, side wall pre-punch, and scoring applications. Our industry leading team is ready to assist you on your most demanding trim applications.

Form Tooling

High cavitation aluminum molds, coupled with the latest in plug assist technology, deliver a high performance cycle time for PET, PP, HIPS, and other plastics utilized in inline roll-fed pressure forming applications. Conforming to all major thermoforming platforms, we specialize in wide-bed solutions.