Wire Harness

Mold Cube

Wire harnesses are bundled processed wires with a protective covering to guard against wear and tear due to environmental conditions and other potential damaging factors. They may have a protective sheath around the wires that is typically made of thermoset or thermoplastic material, which provides additional protection against damage to the individual wires. These harnesses are important because they organize wires for easy implementation into equipment and systems.

Wire harnesses oftentimes get confused for cable assemblies. Wire harnesses typically provide a bunch of cables and wires with some degree of protection and keep them organized, while cable assemblies bind multiple covered wires tightly with a covering to provide robust protection suitable for more demanding environments. Despite the product names, both cables and wires may be found within wire harnesses and cable assemblies.

Key Offerings

• 12 Assembly Lines

• Ultrasonic Welding

• Soldering Facilities

Large Spacious Assembly Area

Equipped With

  • Assembly Lines (expandable up to 12 lines)
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Soldering Facilities
  • Final Assembly Test Equipment
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Wire Harness Equipment